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ATTENTION: After September 23th, registration via Internet will be closed. Only on-site registrations will be accepted after September 23th (subject to availability).

If you have any question, please contact us:

Categories Phase I Phase II Phase III
Until 05/09 Until 23/09 After 23/09
Professional non SBC member
SBBD R$ 430,00 R$ 500,00 R$ 550,00
Lecture (each) R$ 100,00 R$ 120,00 R$ 130,00
Professional SBC Member
SBBD R$ 365,00 R$ 425,00 R$ 460,00
Lecture (each) R$ 80,00 R$ 90,00 R$ 100,00
Graduate student non SBC member*
SBBD R$ 200,00 R$ 230,00 R$ 300,00
Lecture (each) R$ 50,00 R$ 55,00 R$ 60,00
Graduate student SBC member
SBBD R$ 170,00 R$ 190,00 R$ 250,00
Lecture (each) R$ 50,00 R$ 55,00 R$ 60,00
Undergraduate or high school student non SBC member
SBBD R$ 70,00 R$ 80,00 R$ 100,00
Lecture (each) R$ 30,00 R$ 30,00 R$ 30,00
Undergraduate or high school student SBC member
SBBD R$ 50,00 R$ 60,00 R$ 80,00
Lecture (each) R$ 30,00 R$ 30,00 R$ 30,00


General Information

The registration gives right to:

  • admission to all technical sessions and other activities of the SBBD 2013;
  • admission to all international keynote speeches;
  • conference cocktail
  • attendee material;
  • conference proceedings;
  • coffee-breaks.

About the Lextures

  • Each lecture must be payed individually.
  • To register for lectures, you must also register for a conference.
  • Be careful not to register for lectures whose meeting times overlap.

Information for Authors

At least one author of each paper must register at the conference. Check, for your conference, the inscription deadline to ensure the publication of the paper in the conference proceedings.

Notes for Students

* Graduate, undergraduate and high school students that are not member of SBC must prove their condition by the presentation of a document from their institution certifying that they are currently registered as students. Documents must be sent to The document must be received at least one week before the event.

Other Notes

  • Those who need some specific receipt, please contact SBC at
  • The number of possible registrations is limited; after the maximum number of registrations is reached, no additional registration will be accepted.
  • The tickets for the dinner can be purchased on-site.
  • Lunch is not included in the registration fee. There are several options for lunch around at the event venue.