NoSQL Data Model Evaluation on App Engine Datastore


Demos and Applications Session

Topics of interest:

NoSQL, Evaluation, App Engine Datastore


Developing web applications with NoSQL databases as storage backend can be rapidly done with existing application development frameworks. However, designing an unadapted NoSQL schema may cause serious impact on the application scalability. The impacts are often discovered only when the application is running and when the workload increases. In this article, we present a web-based tool with two different database schemas to show how the application scalability is impacted. The tool supports two different settings. First, concurrence-free write tests. Second, a simple benchmark to reproduce the behavior of concurrent writes in a cloud-based architecture. Our approach is presented in a demo app deployed in the cloud with two different NoSQL schemas revealing scalability bottlenecks.


Felipe Ickert, Marcos Didonet Del Fabro, Eduardo Cunha de Almeida, Stefanie Scherzinger

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